originally from london, leslie dean redway, also known as les red, now resides in northwest england. in 2011, after purchasing his first camera, an olympus epl 1, he started inspiring audiences with his unique documentary-style work. his photography and videography skills were further refined during an internship at lasula boutique, laying the groundwork for his solid freelance career.
driven by his interests, les has worked across various sectors. his background in music since 2011 makes him a sought-after choice for press shots and event coverage. his work, heavily influenced by music, consistently delivers high-quality, relatable, and authentic content.
but les's work extends beyond the creative space. he is committed to supporting young individuals and underrepresented communities. his dedication to community development and youth work is evident in his work. his involvement with project 17, a media initiative led by footballer alex iwobi, embodies his commitment to using media as a tool to engage with fans and give back to the community.
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